Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio Review

Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio
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-UPDATE 11-10-2010-
I broke down and bought a dedicated 16GB SD card for the radio (only $20) instead of using the flash drive. The SD card functions perfectly awesome and has much faster syncing then the USB connection, so less time waiting for it to load the song.
Now I did notice one thing about the random/shuffle feature that I had never noticed when using my USB flash drive (probably because I already have the music arranged a specific way). The random feature seems to only play random songs within a 250 song block. So in other words if you press the random button while on song 128, it will randomly play songs 1-250. I've played and tested this theory many times and that seems to be how it works.
So if I'm on song 326 and press random, it'll play song 251-500 randomly. If I'm on song 712 and press random, it'll play 501-750.
I will continue to test this theory and contact Bosch to find out what exactly the deal is because if I start with the first song and press random it has never played a track above 250.
If this is true, combined with its support of only 999 songs I might have to give it only 4 stars because of these limitations.
-UPDATE 10-07-2010-
I've been using this radio for a good two weeks and am still amazed by the quality and build of it. I've knocked it around, dropped it (by accident), and it just takes it.
Everything is still working fine. I'm getting a good 6-7 hours worth of music per charge of the 18V Li-ion battery.
I even had the opportunity to use the Line Out port on the Power Box to hook up some external speakers to demo the speakers and it worked flawlessly and the people were quite amazed with this box of amazingness.
I have ran into a few limitations that I would like to note.
1. If you have a large flash drive that holds over 1000 songs, the Power Box can really only access the first 999 songs. Not a huge issue, but something I thought should be mentioned.
2. It can only play .MP3 and .WMV. No .AAC or .MP4 support. Again not a huge issue, but with more and more music now days coming in those last two mentioned formats, it'd just be nice to toss those on a flash drive without having to convert them.
Best jobsite radio, PERIOD.
The new Bosch PB360D Power Box 360 is without a doubt in a class of it's own. A radio/media player, battery charger, 4 way GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) power outlets, and much more! Lets start off with the media portion of the powerbox.
Built with four speakers and a ported sub, it provides amazing 360 degrees of high quality music. Back lit controls for easy viewing. And whether you have an iPod, SD card, flash drive, or practically anything, if you can plug a 3.5mm stereo jack into it, you can play it (cell phones included)! I grabbed my 16GB flash drive that I keep my car tunes on (all in MP3 format), plugged it into the USB port and sure enough it worked perfectly. The controls to change songs, volume, etc, were straight forward and functioned just like any radio. MP3 player owners will love it for the fact you can use the fully powered USB port to charge your player and the fully padded MP3 player door strap will hold it securely, no need to worry about it getting damaged.
AM/FM reception was really good, about ten times better then my previous Black & Decker jobsite radio/charger. And with the optional Sirius radio dock on this model allows for even more entertainment. This is especially great for people who already own a Sirius receiver, so you can take it from the home, to the car (or truck), and then to the jobsite.
Enough about the media portion, lets get to the actual functionality of the Power Box 360!
The Power Box 360 allows you to charge both Bosch's Fat and Slim pack Li-ion 14.4V-18V batteries. After the battery has been charged, you can use that very same battery to power the Power Box 360!
Need to charge a non Bosch tool batter? No worry! Just plug the other brands charger into one of the four GFCI outlets and you're good to go. So not only was I able to charge my Porter Cable batteries, I was doing so while charging a Bosch Slim pack battery and playing the radio. This is a huge time saver and space saver.
Now there are limits to the power this box can handle, nothing more then 14 AMPs. So some of the beefer routers (3-1/4 HP), recip saws, and circular saws will not work being plugged into the Power Box. Just for kicks I tried to use my Bosch Worm Drive saw with it and sure enough it popped the GFCI. Good to know it actually works.
I can honestly go on and on about how awesomely impressed I am with the new Power Box. It's extremely rugged, sealed up so no dust, dirt, or moisture can get into any sensitive areas. If you need a multi outlet, battery charger, radio, all in one unit... there is absolutely nothing else even comparable on the market. Hands down a masterpiece.
Extremely rugged, NOTHING feels cheaply made.
Easy to learn and use controls.
Accepts practically any sort of media player/storage device you can throw at it.
Four GFCI outlets.
Dust covers/ports for unused auxiliary ports (a nice touch).
Practically impenetrable to dust and moisture. Truly a "all weather" unit.
Built in battery temperature monitor/protector to insure the Li-ion battery doesn't overheat or get too cold.
Large easy to see back lit LCD screen.
Large easy to press front panel controls (even with thick gloves on).
Does not have direct iPod controls, not a huge issue, just something that would be nice.

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Surround yourself with premium 360-degree stereo sound with the Deluxe version of the Bosch PB360D Power Box 360 job-site radio, which offers a high performance, weather-resistant system that produces up to 50 watts of sound output. The innovative 4-way speakers plus integrated subwoofer create a high quality sound that projects in all directions at the same time.

The PB360D includes such step-up features as a SIRIUS satellite radio port, 4-way GFCI power outlets, a remote control, and backlit control panel. It's also available in a standard version (model PB360S) that excludes these features. See a comparison of the two models below.

It also includes an AM/FM radio with 20 FM and 10 AM presets, 4 preset and custom equalizer settings, protective roll cage, and 12-volt DC adapter. Operate the Power Box 360 with Bosch 14.4V-18V lithium-ion batteries, or charge them with the unit's built-in battery charger. The integrated Digital Media Bay includes a powered USB port and SD/MMC card slot compatible with MP3 and WMA files stored on optional cards, as well as two auxiliary inputs for connecting MP3 players, CD players, or portable satellite receivers via a 3.5mm stereo mini jack.
The Bosch PB360D job-site radio with backlit controls (see larger image).

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